Balad-Ra’am List

The Balad-Ra'am electoral list was created in February 2019 to contest the 2019 Israeli legislative elections. As its name indicates, it was formed of two parties: the Palestinian nationalist Balad and the Islamist Ra’am. On 6 March, the Knesset's Central Election Committee banned the list accusing it of supporting terror and ruling out Israel's right to exist as a Jewish and Democratic state. The decision was reversed by the Supreme Court.

Balad-Ra'am won 4 Knesset seats in the April 2019 elections: Mansour Abbas; Mtanes Shehadeh; Abd Al Hakeem Haj Yahya; and Talab Abu Arar.

The formation of the Balad-Ra'am list followed the dissolution of the Joint List which had acted as a united slate for the four main Arab political parties in Israel between 2015-2019. The Joint List was re-created in June 2019 ahead of the September 2019 elections.