Palestinian People’s Party (PPP)

The Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) was founded in 1982 as the Palestinian Communist Party but changed its name in 1991. Members of the party have repeatedly served in Palestinian Authority (PA) governments, including for example Ghassan Khatib.

Following the killing of political activist Nizar Banat by PA security forces in June 2021, the PPP declared it could not support a Palestinian government that does not protect democratic freedoms. Consequently, it announced its withdrawal from the government of prime minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, where it held the labour ministry portfolio. This threat was, however, never carried out.

The PPP contested the 2006 legislative elections as part of the ‘Alternative‘ electoral list, together with the Palestinian Democratic Union (FIDA) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). However, the list won only 2 seats.