Palestinian National Initiative (Al-Mubadara)

The Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) – al-Mubadara in Arabic – describes itself as a democratic movement of non-violent resistance to the occupation. It was co-founded in opposition to the Oslo Accords in the 1990s by Haidar Abdel-ShafiEdward Said, Ibrahim Dakkak, and Mustafa Barghouti (the PNI’s current secretary general).

The PNI has historically supported peace with Israel and the right of return for Palestinian refugees through a two-state solution. However, in a potential shift of position in March 2024 Mustafa Barghouti voiced support for “one democratic state so that people will have equal rights like what we have in South Africa.”

The Palestinian National Initiative has consultative party status in the Socialist International, and is a founding member of the Progressive Alliance.