Palestinian Central Council (PCC)

Because of the difficulties in convening the full Palestinian National Council (PNC), the Palestinian Central Council (PCC) was established in 1973 to function as an intermediary body between the PNC and the PLO Executive Committee (EC). PCC meetings are chaired by the PNC chairman.

The PCC convened in January 2018 following the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As a response to the US decision, the PCC called on the EC to suspend the PLO‘s recognition of Israel until it recognises Palestine as a state, to suspend security coordination between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel, and to work on a multilateral international approach to resolving the conflict. A similar call to cut ties with Israel was made by the PCC in March 2015.

During its last meeting in April/May 2018, the PNC reportedly transferred its legislative powers to the PCC, along with the power to elect EC members. As Ahmad Majdalani explained, the desire behind this move is to have a body that is quicker and easier to convene than the PNC in order to more effectively legislate and fill vacancies in the EC.

Since April 1996, the Palestinian Central Council has consisted of 124 members drawn from the EC, the PNC, and the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). The current PCC was elected during a meeting of the PNC in Ramallah between 30 April-3 May 2018.