Experts & Staff

Panos Alexopoulos

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Susanne Baumann

Senior Director for Advocacy and Campaigns

Andreas Bock

Head of Media Campaigns

Mathilde Ciulla

Programme Coordinator, ECFR Paris

Teresa Coratella

Programme Manager, ECFR Rome

Edin Dedovic

Programme Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa programme

Chris Eichberger

Creative Communications Officer

Marisa Figueroa

Networks Manager

Roxanne Ford

Executive Assistant, Management Team

Alba Gomez

Deputy Director for Strategic Partnerships

Alexia Gouttebroze

Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Swantje Green

Campaign Manager

Adam Harrison


Lucie Haupenthal

Research Assistant to the Director

Carla Hobbs

Programme Coordinator, ECFR Madrid

Joanna Hosa

Deputy Director, Wider Europe programme

Zejd Karalic

Senior Accountant

Tefta Kelmendi

Programme Coordinator, Wider Europe

Iliyana Kondareva

Office Assistant, ECFR Sofia

Anna Kuchenbecker

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Alba Lamberti

Deputy Director
Head, ECFR London

Rafael Loss

Coordinator for Pan-European Data Projects

Maciej Machcewicz

Programme Coordinator, ECFR Warsaw

Lorena Stella Martini

Advocacy and Communication Assistant, ECFR Rome

Filip Medunic

Project Assistant, Task Force for Protecting Europe from Economic Coercion

Felix Mengel

Advocacy Manager

Carla Moll

Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships

Kelly Petillo

Programme Coordinator, Middle East and North Africa programme

Folke Pfister

Senior Director, Finance and Operations

Gosia Piaskowska

Programme Assistant, European Power programme

Amanda Pope

Office & Advocacy Coordinator

Chris Raggett


Karelia Ramentol

HR Manager

Ana Ramic

Head of Communications

Julia Reischle

Board and Council Coordinator

Manisha Reuter

Programme Coordinator, Asia programme

Marlene Riedel

Communications Officer

Juan Ruitiña

Web Coordinator

Julien Sauné


Maria Simeonova

Programme Coordinator, ECFR Sofia & Wider Europe programme

Jenny Söderström

Programme Coordinator, European Power programme

Lidia Todorova

Operations Assistant

Denica Yotova

Programme Coordinator, Africa programme