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Andreas Bock

Head of Communications


English, German, Hungarian


Andreas Bock is the head of communications at ECFR.

Andreas joins ECFR after 11 years at the Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe (n-ost), a journalist network and media NGO which produces content on Eastern Europe and strengthening cross-border journalism and foreign reporting.

At n-ost, Bock was heading the editorial department of the daily European press review where he led the editorial team as well as a network of correspondents in more than 30 countries, translators, and social media managers. During his time he organised and moderated trainings on topics including access to information and data journalism, and he has spoken on issues like freedom of information and a (digital) European public sphere.

Previously, he worked for several years as a project manager for the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) in Budapest as well as a freelance journalist for various print media outlets.

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