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Chiara Malaponti

Communications Assistant

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English, German, and Italian


Chiara Malaponti is a communications assistant at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Previously, she was a communications intern at ECFR and an intern at the former Italian honorary consulate in Leipzig, Germany. She has collaborated closely with youth-led research associations, focusing mainly on diplomatic and economic relations between EU member states and Russia, as well as on geopolitical issues in the Arctic.

She holds a BSc in political science and international relations from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, an MSc in international relations from the same university, and an MSc in European and international economics from the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg.

Balancing the books: Why the EU needs a European debt agency

European leaders have an opportunity to reform the EU’s fiscal rules at the European Council meeting in December, but they are currently divided by competing concerns over stability and growth. A European debt agency could achieve both of these, and provide the EU with the money it needs to address today’s geopolitical crises