European strategic sovereignty in Asia

The policy brief “Promoting European strategic sovereignty in Asia” by Janka Oertel and Andrew Small will serve to kick off the discussion, which will be held in English, under Chatham House rules


China’s great game in the Middle East

Europeans should monitor China’s influence on regional stability and political dynamics, especially in relation to surveillance technology and arms sales




Special ECFR Quarantimes – with Joseph Wu

Taiwan’s experience with fighting the coronavirus has shown that there is a way in overcoming pandemics without sacrificing fundamental values like democracy, freedom and human rights

ECFR Quarantimes #10 – with C. Raja Mohan

How is the coronavirus crisis reshaping India’s geopolitics? Amid tensions with China, the US' global withdrawal as well as hyper-globalisation, C. Raja Mohan, Director of the Insitute of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore, calls for a new compact between India and the West to produce a new world order for the 21st century.

China’s economy

Powerhouse, menace or next Japan? Arthur R. Kroeber, founder of the Gavekal Dragonomics research service and editor of China Economic Quarterly, explains where China's economy might be heading.

Rebooting EU foreign policy

Nick Witney, the co-author of the ECFR's publication, “Rebooting EU Foreign Policy”, and Spiros Economides of the LSE, both explain why the European Union sorely needs to face reality and fundamentally rethink how it deals with the rest of the world


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