In:Sight China with Wang Dong   

Janka Oertel welcome Wang Dong, to talk about the current tensions between Washington and Beijing

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China is becoming ever more important to global affairs. But political and geopolitical challenges, as well as the covid-19 pandemic, have diminished Europeans’ ability to engage with Chinese thinkers and understand their views and ideas about the world. In this mini-series, Mark Leonard and Janka Oertel try to change that by engaging in conversations with some of the best Chinese academics, researchers, writers, and journalists on diverse topics in Chinese internal debates that matter most to Europeans.   


In our fourth episode, we are joined by one of China’s leading scholars in Sino-American relations and east Asian security, Professor Wang Dong, from the School of International Studies and the Institute for Global Health and Development at Peking University. Wang talks us through the current tensions between Washington and Beijing, as well as giving his thoughts on their future trajectory. What are the main reasons for the deterioration of bilateral ties between China and the United States? How can the international community ensure that the tensions do not spiral out of control? And what is the role of the EU in the accelerating China-US rivalry?  

The Case for a New Engagement Consensus, by Wang Dong 

Avoiding the ‘Thucydides Trap’: US-China Relations in Strategic Domain, by Wang Dong and Travis Tanner (eds.) 

Reglobalisation: When China Meets the World Again, by Wang Dong and Cao Dejun  

This podcast was recorded on 5 June 2023.   

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