How to Manage Europe’s Green Technology Dependence on China: A Black Coffee Morning

, Berlin time (CEST, UTC+2)
Venue: Unter den Linden 17, 10117 Berlin (Entrance via Rosmarinstraße 1)


Janka Oertel, Director, Asia Programme & Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

Alexander Lipke, Programme Coordinator, Asia Programme, ECFR

Chaired by

Jana Puglierin, Head, ECFR Berlin & Senior Policy Fellow, ECFR

As the global landscape shifts towards strategic rivalry between China and the advanced industrial economies of the West, Europe finds itself at a crossroads, needing to re-evaluate its approach. “De-risking” has emerged as a guiding principle for European leaders in their interactions with China, particularly when it comes to vital green technologies, where Europe is heavily reliant. Yet, policymakers often grapple with the intricate interplay of economic, security, and climate concerns, and the impact of de-risking policies on third countries. Each de-risking decision involves challenging political choices and a careful balancing of competing priorities, which were outlined in a recent ECFR Policy Brief, “Trust and trade-offs: How to manage Europe’s green technology dependence on China.”

Join us for an informal discussion at our Berlin office to delve into European de-risking pathways with Janka Oertel and Alexander Lipke, the study’s lead authors. Over coffee and croissants, we’ll explore the nuances of various de-risking approaches, with a special focus on their effects on climate priorities, and their implications for third countries. Our conversation will revolve around a key question: Can we trust Chinese companies to form the backbone of Europe’s green transition?

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