Drafting a new Afghan-Pakistan strategy

Europe and the U.S need a new strategy to deal with Afghanistan and Pakistan. A transatlantic Baker-Hamilton-style commission is necessary

Sarkozy and the Olympics

Nicolas Sarkozy will soon announce whether he will attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics. He should definitely go

Who is afraid of a ruthless Europe?

A survey carried out after the Irish referendum outlines a very worrying landscape for the future of European integration

Start worrying and learn to ditch the bomb

The world is at the brink of a new and dangerous phase – one that combines widespread proliferation with extremism and geopolitical tension

EU-Russia: avoiding new failures

The biannual EU-Russia summit begins on 26 June in Siberia. Can the EU take advantage of the opportunity to restart the relationship, or will it fall victim to the divisions that have plagued it in the past?