What future for the Lisbon Treaty?

Though it might be tempting to kick the Lisbon Treaty into the long grass, today’s European Council should rescue the treaty’s CSFP aspects

From Atocha to Waziristan

Germany?s decision to increase its troops in Afghanistan is both courageous and necessary: the security of both European and Afghan citizens is inseparable

Learning from the EU’s Georgia success

The EU’s Georgia mission is looking like a much-needed, if small ESDP success. But there is still much the EU can learn from its deployment

Rescuing the Lisbon treaty

An article by Andrew Duff, Member of the European Parliament and ECFR Council Member, on the attempt to rescue the Lisbon treaty

Losing the ‘good’ war

Afghanistan was always the ?good? war and Iraq, the bad one. But what if Bush?s legacy becomes losing the good war and winning the bad one?

The trouble with India

The EU may have to base partnership with the world’s largest democracy not on values, but on dealing with Afghanistan

Can China save Afghanistan?

With Afghanistan’s reconstruction on the brink, what could the EU and U.S ask Beijing to do?