Summer of discontent

The EU will have to justify its own claims that bipolar ?spheres of influence? in Europe are consigned to history by taking affirmative action in the Black Sea and Caucasus region

Ossetia farce

Moscow’s decision to recognize Georgia’s breakaway regions is a profound challenge to Europe’s security architecture

Thanks to Russia, NATO is back

Russia’s behavior over Georgia has made NATO’s revitalization more not less likely

China Olympics blog

A daily blog following key political stories in China during the Beijing Olympics

Russia and the Georgia war: the great-power trap

Russia’s flawed understanding of 21st-century international politics means that its military success in the war with Georgia could be followed by its strategic defeat

Winning the peace in Georgia

The EU’s frenetic diplomacy around the conflict is in stark contrast with its reluctance to engage just a few months ago

What next after the Doha Round?

The collapse of the WTO Doha round highlights the need for a new and improved global governance structure. An article in Italian from Il Sole 24 Ore.