The prospect of an Irish ‘no’

The rejection of Lisbon by Irish voters would upset the delicate balance which has kept the much buffeted European ship afloat

Serbien bleibt gespalten

The European Union should remain open to Serbia?s full membership. A comment piece in German from Die Presse.

On Iraq, it’s time to call Europe

The US presidential candidates should agree to set up an entirely independent team to canvass European views and share ideas for what do next in Iraq

Weaning Afghanistan off drugs

The Afghan opium economy continues to grow. To have any chance of success, international efforts need to focus on security and bringing criminal kingpins to justice through a specialised UN court.

An ugly face of Europe

Closing itself to immigration will not solve Europe’s problems, and it will impair its attractiveness as a model open society. An op-ed in Spanish and English.

The EU still needs UN peacekeepers

The EU should pay attention to who is appointed as the next chief of the UN’s peacekeeping department

New German security strategy – Going it alone?

CDU’s new draft National Security Strategy is a useful document but one that seems to be ignoring the benefits of being part of the EU