Serbia, mon amour

Spain should have nothing to fear from Kosovo?s independence, writes Jose Ignacio Torreblanca

How to avoid the ruin of the European market

Taskforces chaired by the European Commission should co-ordinate state aid, making sure that national measures reinforce each other to the greater benefit of the sectors concerned and avoid bending competition rules, writes Giuliano Amato and Emma Bonino

Will the difference really make a difference?

In her review of the Munich Security Conference, Ulrike Gu?rot argues that the US reassured Europe of its commitment to a multilateral approach to foreign policy. But how visible, deep and quick will the change in transatlantic relations be?

Europe retreats

Europe’s military is beating the retreat just as the world’s emerging powers are expanding their presence ? an early sign perhaps of a new international order

Blame the policy, not the army

As the British Army?s problems deepen, Nick Witney blames a defence policy too fixated on the US

Hugging the panda

There is nothing wrong in engaging China rather than antagonizing her: but Europe must coordinate its human rights policy towards Beijing