Three fault lines

Pakistan, Congo and Ukraine are three fault lines separating us from the future

Exiting Africa?

The Congo crisis demonstrated the UN’s limitations, but its longest-lasting effect may be to mark the end of European military interventions in Africa

The EU and Russia’s gas

The solution to the Russian gas challenge lies not in foreign energy policy but in reform of the European gas market itself

The death of NATO

Now in its 60th year, NATO no longer provides a healthy basis for the trans-Atlantic security relationship

Europe must act as one on the world stage

Instead of talking in the abstract about a single EU voice, Europeans should forge pragmatic arrangements to simplify and make more effective their external representation

Commander Obama

Undoing Bush’s foreign policy legacy will be a huge challenge for Obama. But what can Europe do to help?

Destination Washington

The G-20 Summit this week-end in Washington offers a good opportunity to reflect on what Europe wants to achieve, both internally and externally

Czechs raise the stakes on Lisbon

All being well with Europe, the Treaty of Lisbon would now have been ready to come into force on 1 January. But all is not well