NATO’s troubled renaissance

If NATO seizes upon the recent events in the right way, it will remain relevant. If it mishandles the situation ? overreacts or under-performs ? it may be done for.

Europe’s UN human rights problem

There are clear signs that the EU’s influence at the UN is declining in one of the areas on which it is most united: human rights

Spheres of influence

Russia may be tempted to believe that it has succeeded in Georgia, but it has in fact further isolated itself and helped Europe unite

Kosovo: precedent or excuse?

When dealing with Moscow, EU leaders should not accept the parallelism between Kosovo and Ossetia

The new ‘agrarian’ revolution

The right solution to the problem of growing oil prices lies in the next agrarian revolution, based on biofuels and genetically modified crops

Russian threats are just gas

The European Union has less to fear from Russia’s gas and oil weapons than its leaders think

What to do next with Russia

The EU faces a tough dilemma: sanctions would further isolate Russia but a ?business as usual’ approach would send the wrong signal