EU unity and divisions on the East

The EU must take a serious took at the strategy it employs to its East – the disunity on how to deal with Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood is paralysing

Running rings around the E.U.

The authors of ECFR’s latest policy report argue that Europe must adopt a new, strategic China policy in the lead up to the EU-China Summit on 20 May

A confused EU cannot fight racism

The debacle in the UN could be the precursor of more clashes over human rights, with Europe as a target

Spain?s place at the table

Spain has managed to obtain a seat at the G-20, but it still has to figure out what it wants to stand for

The EU needs a new China strategy

Based on ECFR’s latest policy report, A Power Audit of EU-China Relations, John Fox and Francois Godement argue that for its own survival, Europe must revamp its China strategy

What’s Left Now?

As European progressives seeking to allay contemporary anxieties look to the singular success of their American counterparts for comfort, they may be inspired, but should not assume that this is a model for the careful recalibration which is needed in the ?Old continent’