Experts & Staff

Theodore Murphy

Director, Africa programme

Areas of expertise

Horn of Africa: Sudan/South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea; Red Sea political/security/economic aspects; mediation/conflict resolution; humanitarianism


English, German, Arabic, French (conversational)


Theodore Murphy is the director of the Africa programme at the European Council for Foreign Relations.

Murphy managed emergency response missions for Doctors Without Borders, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sudan. He has published and lectured on humanitarian issues writ large and specifically in the context of the Greater War on Terror. At Amnesty International, Murphy coordinated all research and publications on Sudan as well as media appearances. Writing for the International Crisis Group, Murphy focused on the dynamics in the Chad/Darfur region contributing to public reports on these issues.

From 2007-2011, Murphy worked in conflict resolution/mediation with the United Nations and in the non-governmental sector in the Horn of Africa and Middle East. He served as Expert Advisor to the AU/UN mediation team in Darfur in 2007-08. In 2011, Murphy was appointed by the UN Secretary General to the Panel of Experts for Libya where he served in the post of Regional Expert. As a Course Director and Fellow for the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Murphy designed and led accredited training for diplomats, military, and multilateral staff on the topic of Engagement with Non State Actors.

Working closely with the German MFA, from 2012 onwards, Murphy oversaw mediation initiatives throughout the Horn of Africa. Amongst others, he negotiated an internationally recognized political agreement in Darfur and supported efforts towards creating a Red Sea Forum.

Murphy holds degrees from McGill University and the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London.



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