All eyes on Ethiopia: What the EU and the US can do

What are the regional implications of the Tigray conflict and the prospects for transatlantic cooperation around the issue?

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Just over a month ago, Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia and 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner, ordered a military offensive against regional forces in Tigray. Since then, the situation has been spiralling out of control, with increasing international concern over access to the Tigray region and reports of attacks against UN personnel trying to gain access. ECFR’s Susi Dennison takes over in this week’s episode to discuss the regional implications of the conflict and the prospects for transatlantic cooperation around the issue. She is joined by Payton Knopf, Senior Advisor to the Africa programme of the US Institute for Peace, Theo Murphy, Director of ECFR’s Africa programme and Alexander Rondos, ECFR Council Member and EU Special Representative to the Horn of Africa.

This podcast was recorded on 9 December 2020. 

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