Africa and the changing global order

Jeremy Shapiro welcomes Adebayo Olukoshi, Brian Kagoro, and Theodore Murphy to talk about Africa and the global order

Last December, ECFR’s Africa Forum brought together African and European policymakers and thinkers for discussions on the two continents’ strategic partnerships in the changing global order.

In this new episode, Jeremy Shapiro welcomes the head of ECFR’s Africa programme, Theodore Murphy. They are joined by ECFR visiting fellow, Adebayo Olukoshi, who is a distinguished research professor at the Witts School of Governance in South Africa; and Brian Kagoro, managing director of programmes at the Open Society Foundations. How do Africans view Europe and the EU’s role in the world? What steps can Europeans take to improve their relationships in Africa? Which powers are competing with Europeans for attention in Africa? And what is the EU’s unique selling proposition?

This episode was recorded on 12 December 2023.


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