Policy Intentions Mapping

The Policy Intentions Mapping examines the preferred policy outcomes of the EU’s 27 national governments across 20 policy areas. These match the policy areas under examination in the EU Coalition Explorer and the EU27 Survey 2020. The Mapping provides contextual information about whether specific policies are controversial among the general public in different member states and whether political parties agree, or not, on the preferred outcome.

The Mapping provides a complementary picture to the results of the EU Coalition Explorer. For example, while the Explorer visualises which countries policy professionals consider to be key partners on specific policy issues, the Policy Intentions Mapping shows whether these preferences actually align in substance. It also displays whether acceptance of these policies – by political parties and the general public – is similar across countries.

Research for the Policy Intentions Mapping was conducted by ECFR’s associate researchers between 9 March and 27 May 2020. The results are based on interviews with experts and policy professionals as well as reviews of primary sources, including government documents and party manifestos.

The EU Coalition Explorer 2020 was published on 8 July 2020.

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