Coronavirus Special

The Coronavirus Special presents the results of a supplemental EU27 expert survey on European cooperation during the coronavirus crisis, which ran from 4 to 25 May 2020.

The Coronavirus Special provides a glimpse into what happened to European cooperation as the pandemic reached its height. We asked policy professionals from all EU member states about their perception of the European Commission’s performance and the helpfulness of other member states in handling the different aspects of the crisis, from health policy and cross-border travel, to economic recovery and overall political leadership.

As a case study of European cooperation at a time of crisis, the Coronavirus Special provides a complement to the EU Coalition Explorer and should be treated as an additional tool.

A total of 744 respondents answered at least the first substantive survey question. Of those, 677 participants completed the questionnaire. The distribution of respondents across EU member states and professional backgrounds can be viewed in the tool under “Survey Info”. All results displayed in the Coronavirus Special are based on the total number of responses to that particular question.

The EU Coalition Explorer 2020 was published on 8 July 2020.

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