Increasing global competition among old and emerging powers has left Europeans struggling to shape their geopolitical environment and amplify their voices. It is also narrowing their scope for international cooperation at a time when it is urgently needed. From rising temperatures to geopolitical insecurity, digital transformations, and economic uncertainty, Europeans are craving companionship on the world stage to find multilateral solutions to these challenges.

To unlock these relationships, ECFR’s Multilateral Matchmaker allows policymakers to explore partner countries based on their compatibility with European interests. It also identifies 12 countries in the global south with significant relationship potential that has until now remained relatively untapped.

The European Union cannot afford to be an unattractive partner. Just like in matters of the heart, Europeans need to ensure that their offer is irresistible to potential suitors who have myriad options to choose, mix, and match from. Like any good wingman, Multilateral Matchmaker outlines how Europeans can be good partners to ensure that any future cooperation is not perceived as moralising or uncredible, and is rooted in the needs of their partner countries as much as their own.