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Mattia Toaldo

ECFR Alumni · Senior Policy Fellow

Areas of expertise

Libya, Middle East Peace process, Israeli and Palestinian politics, Migrations, EU policy in the southern Mediterranean


English, French, Italian


Mattia used to work for ECFR as senior policy fellow until January 2018.

Understanding Israeli-Palestinian violence

Alienation and disenfranchisement are driving violence in Israel and Palestine mean that Europe should consider changing its goals

Winner-takes-all politics in Libya

Death sentence for Saif Al Islam Gheddafi shows Libya's winner-takes-all politics of exclusion 



Russia in Libya: War or Peace?

Europe must use its diplomatic leverage to ensure that increased Russian involvement does not come at the cost of further destabilisation on Europe’s southern border

Security through politics

Europe should not confine itself to adopting a narrow security-driven approach in Libya

Libya, the time to avoid escalation is now

The alternative is the resumption of fighting at the levels of summer 2014, which led to the establishment of ISIS in the country

Has Netanyahu really won?

Losing the cover of the two state solution could pose serious problems for Benyamin Netanyahu

Is the sky falling on Libya?

The ink is barely dry on a new joint statement on Libya. But already the roadmap is under threat from developments on the ground. 



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