Mark Leonard

Thirteen trends for 2016

What does the new year hold for Europe's foreign policy?

Reversing ‘strategic shrinkage’

At a crucial stage in the renegotiation phase, Cameron is choosing foreign policy to demonstrate the UK’s worth to the EU

Will Europe hold together after Paris?

Beneath the talk of unity and common anxiety, three dividing lines are opening up across Europe – how they are resolved will determine whether the EU emerges stronger with its values intact

Strengthening Britain’s Voice in the World

As one of the most globalised countries in the world, the UK must remain internationally engaged and committed to multilateralism

The Neverendum – does out mean out?

'Out' campaigners argue a vote to leave could be a way of strengthening Britains negotiating hand – they're wrong

Europe’s Galápagos moment

It may be that Europe’s postmodern order has become so advanced and particular to its environment that it is impossible for others to follow