Daniel Korski

What future for the Lisbon Treaty?

Though it might be tempting to kick the Lisbon Treaty into the long grass, today’s European Council should rescue the treaty’s CSFP aspects

Learning from the EU’s Georgia success

The EU’s Georgia mission is looking like a much-needed, if small ESDP success. But there is still much the EU can learn from its deployment

Can China save Afghanistan?

With Afghanistan’s reconstruction on the brink, what could the EU and U.S ask Beijing to do?

NATO’s troubled renaissance

If NATO seizes upon the recent events in the right way, it will remain relevant. If it mishandles the situation ? overreacts or under-performs ? it may be done for

Russian threats are just gas

The European Union has less to fear from Russia’s gas and oil weapons than its leaders think

Thanks to Russia, NATO is back

Russia’s behavior over Georgia has made NATO’s revitalization more not less likely

Steps to secure the non-polar world

How to cooperate on global security with China, Russia and India will be among a new U.S President’s top challenges

Not so innocent abroad

Barack Obama’s visit to Europe could cut both ways for the American Senator and his European hosts. Honest talk about urgent and long-term issues will be crucial