Daniel Korski

The Superpower Sisters

In a world where traditional bilateral diplomacy is rarely enough to solve global problems, the cooperation of Mrs Clinton and Lady Ashton could prove one of the most important diplomatic pairings

Memo to President Ahmadinejad

Iran looks set to defy President Obama?s offer of engagement and the international community ?- including the EU -? will have to decide how to react. But what is Tehran thinking?

Time to rally the European troops, General Ashton

Baroness Ashton may be judged on how well she dons a general’s beret. In building Europe’s military capabilities, there is fortunately both much to rectify and build on.

Europe’s new leaders

Stop the traffic, they won?t, but Van Rompuy and Ashton will do better: they will build a traffic system

A new world of diplomacy

We need diplomats to liaise with cities and regions

Soft power? Hard work ahead

The EU must make its civilian capabilities work better alongside its military tools

The EU and failing states

The EU has a disturbing ?lack of capacity? when it comes to state building and crisis missions. The EU and its member states need to stand up to help prevent fragile states turning into failed states.

Now the EU should get serious in Iraq

The Iraq issue almost derailed the European Security and Defence Policy, but now it presents a chance to show how far the EU has come in learning how to stabilise war-damaged states. The divisions within the EU over Iraq made it look all too foolish in 2003, so now it’s time to get serious.