Daniel Korski

Bringing out the big guns

The Lisbon Treaty may increase the EU’s chances of developing a foreign policy that is both coherent and strong

Can Afghans still count on the EU?

The EU should commit itself to a ?civilian surge’, but with Afghan rather than European civilians

Leering bear, rising dragon

“G2” is this year’s world order catchphrase. The ‘other’ international power duopoly will end in tears for Russia.

NATO: under new leadership

Transformational leadership, not just status-quo management, is needed for NATO to bridge the chasm between its ambitions and its capacities

Staying power

Britain needs to stick to its mission in Helmand ? it is the right thing to do

NATO: Keeping in shape at 60

As NATO celebrates its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg/Kehl, Korski sets out the Alliance’s challenges and how they could be addressed

Europe’s Afghan Moment

The military surge in Afghanistan will fail unless it comes with a civilian surge. Europe should invest much more effort.