Daniel Korski

The IKEA guide to Lisbon

Implementing the Lisbon Treaty is the bureaucratic equivalent of putting together an IKEA flat-pack table. First step: read the instructions

Nick Clegg and a very European election

The emergence of Nick Clegg in the British election campaign means Europe is an issue that can no longer be ignored by the other candidates

Break down these walls

The EU should reinvent its crisis management capabilities / An open letter to the 27 Permanent Representatives to the EU

Will Europe rise to the Eyjafjallajokull challenge?

The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano has created transport chaos, but the EU can lead the way in finding a trans-national solution to a cross-border crisis

The EU?s ?slow food? enlargement

The EU enlargement debate used to be about expanding freedoms and preventing conflict. But a lot of Europeans now think that whatever lies outside the EU?s borders can stay there

What kind of interpolar world?

Two stories about the Middle East ? Israel?s latest settlement plans and Iran?s nuclear programme ? shed more light on the world?s power structure than the pages of a thousand history books

The soft power of hard states

It’s tempting to think that hard states like China and Russia cannot offer anything in terms of soft power. But Europe and the US need to understand that this viewpoint is no longer valid

Bosnia: The end of integration?

Debate over how to help a crisis-striken Bosnia ranges from involvement to encouragement. But a third, unpalatable option for a frustrated EU may lurk just behind the scenes: abandonment

If Sun Tzu went to Gymnich

European foreign ministers at the informal Gymnich meeting should take a leaf out of Sun Tzu’s book, and discuss the larger trends shaping Europe’s place in the world rather than institutions and methods

Partners in decline

Europe is an easy target for a frustrated Washington. But this misses a fundamental point. The US and Europe are the best allies they?ve each got. Both are declining powers that need to stick together