ECFR Council

Brexit lessons for the EU and its neighbours

The EU can learn from Brexit how to manage divergence and differentiate integration – for the sake of its other neighbours

How NATO should plan for the next ten years

NATO will only remain relevant to its members and contribute to international stability if the regional alliance acquires a global perspective

We need to pull our own weight

European strategic sovereignty means the capacity to preserve and foster human rights, liberal democracy, multilateralism, and a social and green market economy in an interdependent and complex world

A 6-point action plan for a transatlantic bargain

Politicians, academics, and other prominent senior experts from ECFR’s Council call on EU leaders to adopt a 6-point action plan for a transatlantic bargain

How Europe should fight violent Islamist extremism

Instead of making ostentatious but damaging declarations about “Islamic separatism” or state-controlled religious education, European leaders need to replicate the good practice that they have tested locally