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How G7 leaders can bring the pandemic to an end

Rich countries are hoarding vaccines at the expense of poorer ones – but also to their own detriment. Without extending help to all countries, the whole world will continue to suffer.

A new era in Polish-German relations

Germany’s election will bring about a new phase in its relationship with Poland, one that is driven less by the still-vivid legacy of the past and more by pragmatism and interests

Difficult allies: Denmark, social democrats, and the German election

One should not expect members of Europe’s political families to automatically cheer for one another. Copenhagen may find that implementing its European policy will become more difficult if the Social Democratic Party’s Olaf Scholz becomes German chancellor.

European democracy is at stake in the German election

Europe must hope that the next government in Berlin will come to the Franco-German relationship with fresh thinking and clear suggestions for how to deal with the democratic deficits in the heart of the EU, as well as the human rights challenges on the union’s southern flank

Afghanistan: How it could have been different

Nothing was inevitable about the Taliban reconquering of Afghanistan. But in the end the US lost what minimal strategic patience it had.

Three lessons for Europe from the fall of Afghanistan

Europe needs to take a hard look at what worked and what did not work in Afghanistan. Only then can it gradually and realistically build up its own capacities, rather than aim for grandiose schemes that lack public support.