ECFR Council

Business and religion in the metaverse

The new reality that Facebook and other companies are building brings immense possibilities but also dangers. It is a business with religious overtones

Covid bereavement as a European experience

Liberal politicians in Europe have begun to articulate covid-19 grief in their national political contexts. This is an important step in leading the continent out of the pandemic – and away from populism

Europe’s post-Afghanistan to-do list

The EU’s approach to foreign policy and economic policy needs to account for the fact that, globally, the space between the two areas is increasingly narrow

How G7 leaders can bring the pandemic to an end

Rich countries are hoarding vaccines at the expense of poorer ones – but also to their own detriment. Without extending help to all countries, the whole world will continue to suffer

A new era in Polish-German relations

Germany’s election will bring about a new phase in its relationship with Poland, one that is driven less by the still-vivid legacy of the past and more by pragmatism and interests

Difficult allies: Denmark, social democrats, and the German election

One should not expect members of Europe’s political families to automatically cheer for one another. Copenhagen may find that implementing its European policy will become more difficult if the Social Democratic Party’s Olaf Scholz becomes German chancellor

European democracy is at stake in the German election

Europe must hope that the next government in Berlin will come to the Franco-German relationship with fresh thinking and clear suggestions for how to deal with the democratic deficits in the heart of the EU, as well as the human rights challenges on the union’s southern flank