ECFR Council

Europeans #StandwithUkraine

We, the undersigned, Europeans from all over our continent who are members of the European Council on Foreign Relations, stand resolutely in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

Vision quest: How Europe should safeguard its security

To prevent catastrophic wars, European states should concentrate on stabilising the West’s accomplishments and defending them against the revisionist policies of Russia in Europe and China in Asia

Business and religion in the metaverse

The new reality that Facebook and other companies are building brings immense possibilities but also dangers. It is a business with religious overtones.

Covid bereavement as a European experience

Liberal politicians in Europe have begun to articulate covid-19 grief in their national political contexts. This is an important step in leading the continent out of the pandemic – and away from populism.

Europe’s post-Afghanistan to-do list

The EU’s approach to foreign policy and economic policy needs to account for the fact that, globally, the space between the two areas is increasingly narrow