The ECFR is a pan-European think-tank with offices in seven European capitals namely Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Warsaw. It aims to contribute a pan-European perspective to national security and foreign policy discourses and to promote coherence in European foreign policy. With its council of over 250 members and its diverse research programmes the ECFR further seeks to advance a continued process of European integration.

The Berlin office, located in the heart of the capital’s political district, is currently the biggest national office of the ECFR. It is led by the senior policy fellow Jana Puglierin. The work in the office is supported by the input and advice of its German council members as well as regular visits of the founding director Mark Leonard.

The ECFR Berlin regularly organizes events focused on current events in European foreign policy. These can be public discussions and conferences as well as workshops and exclusive round tables for high-ranking German and European experts and government representatives.

The regular “Black Coffee Morning” allows experts and journalists to discuss the latest ‘news and views’ before starting their busy daily schedules. The monthly ‘Berlin Foreign Policy Club’ serves as an informative roundtable for experts, politicians and government officials to discuss current security and foreign policy issues. To ensure fruitful debates and engaged discussion the BFPCs are held in small rounds and adhere to the Chatham House Rules.

The project ‘Rethink: Europe’ was deeply rooted in the Berlin office, in which three unique research tools were developed that enriched the debate on European cooperation with qualitative, quantitative and visual data. The project was conducted in cooperation with the Mercator foundation since 2015.

Now, with the follow-up project Re:shape Global Europe we are not only taking this close partnership with the Mercator foundation further but also widen our research scope by shedding new light on the changing international order and how it affects Europe’s place in the world.

Moreover, employing a pan-European perspective, we publish weekly commentaries on current political events in Germany and European developments relevant to German politics on our blog ‘Note from Berlin’.

The ECFR is an independent non-profit organization that is financed through diverse sources. Our most important partners are the Mercator Foundation, Robert-Bosch Foundation, Heinrich-Böll Foundation, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, the Federal Foreign Ministry and the Dutch Embassy in Berlin. You can read more about ECFR’s donors here.

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