Wider Europe

Europe’s annual gas row

Andrew Wilson offers solutions on the Ukrainian front to prevent a gas crisis next year

Golden carrots

With EU enlargement no more on offer, the EU?s neighbourhood policy faces increasing difficulties

Three fault lines

Pakistan, Congo and Ukraine are three fault lines separating us from the future

The EU and Russia’s gas

The solution to the Russian gas challenge lies not in foreign energy policy but in reform of the European gas market itself

Czechs raise the stakes on Lisbon

All being well with Europe, the Treaty of Lisbon would now have been ready to come into force on 1 January. But all is not well

Russia’s push into wider Europe

With a new US president, what are the prospects for a more united trans-Atlantic position on how to deal with a resurgent Russia and the ?neighbourhood? states in between?

Georgian lessons for EU generals

As the dust of the August war in Georgia begins to settle, the EU is emerging as the nearest thing around to a winner. An article published in E-Sharp!