The continent-wide rise of Euroscepticism

Europeans are losing faith in the EU

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Euroscepticism has spread across the continent like a virus. It is striking that everyone in the EU has been losing faith in the European project: both creditors and debtors, eurozone countries, would- be members and “opt-outs”. So what is going on? 

In ECFR's new policy memo – The continent – wide rise of euroscepticisim – ECFR experts analyse the situation in 13 EU member states. Based on a fresh analysis of eurobarometer data the study shows that trust in the EU has plummeted across the continent.

Trust in the EU – Net Support (2007-2012)

Click here for a short explanation of the methodology of the statistical analysis.

The new political geography of Europe

ECFR also published a collection of essays, edited by Nicholas Walton and Jan Zielonka, examining how the euro crisis has affected the political dynamics in 14 member states. It throws a light on the roots of a new political geography in Europe.

The chapters – by prominent thinkers, journalists, and academics in the 14 countries – identify the main points of contention and new political forces.

The countries covered are France, Portugal, Denmark, Britain, Poland, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Bulgaria. Click here to download the report.

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