François Godement

Forging a European resolve

In the wake of the terror attacks in Paris, Hollande has redoubled attempts to break ISIS, but how should the EU as a whole respond while maintaining its core values?

China’s stock market crash: the end of a myth

It is not the state of China’s economy that is creating this global wave of market pessimism – it is the disappearance of China’s positive myth

Abe’s clever game

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been invited by China to participate in the 3rd September ceremony for the end of the second world war

China’s stock crash: it was only money

China’s government has taken action to arrest its stock market collapse, but will this reinforce conservatives’ argument – that control is safety and liberalisation is always a hazard?

What Europe needs is an EIIB, not an AIIB

Europe should be financing its own public projects, not joining a venture driven by Chinese interests and standards

After the Paris Massacre: the trouble within Islam

To describe the victims at Charlie Hebdo as provocateurs or as anti-Islam, or to argue that perhaps French society have brought on this plague, misses the point entirely