François Godement

Macron and the French Paradox

While commentators focused largely on negative aspects, France has seen an unprecedentedly pro-European electoral campaign

Europe’s Trump-China dilemma

A multilateral order with China and without America is simply impossible. 

Asia awaits Trump

Asian partners and rivals alike will be justifiably nervous at the prospect of a Trump presidency, but they should not read too much into campaign rhetoric

Brexit: A game of bluff

Size does not necessarily equal strength, and the European Union has holes in its strategy

Duterte trumps Trump

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte’s call for US troops and advisors to leave the Philippines, shortly after issuing an expletive ridden description of President Barack Obama, needs to be taken seriously

EU strength and weakness facing China

The divergence between the EU's recent statements on Market Economy Status and the South China Sea issue reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the EU itself.