François Godement

Iran: A European issue

Iran’s political fate carries great implications for Europeans, and the EU’s traditional negotiation methods might not be enough

Europe needs to stop its pandering to China

Given China’s cancellation on the eve of the summit in December, a summit is all Europe can hope for in terms of engagement with China

Running rings around the E.U.

The authors of ECFR’s latest policy report argue that Europe must adopt a new, strategic China policy in the lead up to the EU-China Summit on 20 May

The EU needs a new China strategy

Based on ECFR’s latest policy report, A Power Audit of EU-China Relations, John Fox and Francois Godement argue that for its own survival, Europe must revamp its China strategy

Nuke Proliferation Stirs

As the world is approaching a new chapter in the proliferation of nuclear weapons, Iran and North Korea require a coordinated response, warns Fran?ois Godement