Anthony Dworkin

The Italian magazine on health policy republishes parts of Anthony Dworkin’s policy brief on how to rebuild multilateralism after covid-19

Arturo Varvelli

Arturo Varvelli’s comment on the need for an immediate withdrawal of pro-Turkish Syrian militias and Russian mercenaries to stabilize Libya, and on the role of relations between Italy and Turkey

Now is the time for rich countries to donate surplus doses of COVID vaccine
Carl Bildt

Interview to Carl Bildt on the sharing of vaccines with countries in need and on financing to Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A)

According to the ECFR Report “Crisis of confidence: How Europeans see their place in the world”, following the Covid 19 pandemic, in Italy confidence in the European Union has been growing by 14 points compared to last year, even if 57% of Italian interviewees think that the European project is undergoing a crisis