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Moldova?s elections

Nicu Popescu discusses what is at stake in Moldova’s April 5 elections

Gas crisis should refocus the EU’s priorities

Bulgaria was one of the countries worst affected by the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine. What lessons are there for Bulgaria to learn?

Avoiding the next gas crisis

After an unprecedented two week gas shut off during a freezing winter, Andrew Wilson looks at what can be done to stop such crises becoming an annual event

An Answer to the Russian Challenge

What role should post-Soviet Russia actually play globally and in the European order? Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor and co-chair of ECFR, discusses


Jose Ignacio Torreblanca argues that Europe is not dependant on Russian gas, but instead on an unhealthy relationship with Moscow

Cleaning up Ukraine?s Pipes

How can the EU work with Ukraine to prevent another crisis next January? Andrew Wilson discusses

Europe’s annual gas row

Andrew Wilson offers solutions on the Ukrainian front to prevent a gas crisis next year

Golden carrots

With EU enlargement no more on offer, the EU?s neighbourhood policy faces increasing difficulties