Wider Europe

Bulgaria’s Electoral Adventurism

Bulgaria’s president has campaigned for the Communist party, while MPs think that European states should learn from Azeri electoral practices

An open letter to EU leaders

Ahead of the G20 summit, ECFR calls on EU leaders to show the vision and leadership to develop a coordinated position on the financial crisis

The Eastern Partnership in crisis

What is the likely impact of the crisis on the Eastern Partnership, the attempt to resuscitate the European neighbourhood policy and focus EU’s political attention on the East?

A complicated relationship

Following France?s return to NATO military command this week, relations between Paris and Berlin remain complex

The return of “Eastern Europe”

The term “Eastern Europe” suggests a new division of Europe. But it also highlights how integrated and interdependent Europe has become

More trouble ahead

Endless political infighting and the economy in the doldrums – as if the gas dispute weren’t bad enough, Ukraine is lurching from one crisis to another

Ukraine’s collapse

What are the likely consequences of an economic and political collapse in Ukraine? Nicu Popescu explains

Bridging Europe’s solidarity gap

Today there is a new division in Europe – a solidarity gap. How will the EU bridge this perception, asks Vessela Tcherneva

Europe?s Russia problem

The European Union must develop a united policy on a hostile Russia, writes George Soros

Is it Russia?s time for democracy?

Russia is one of the few countries where economic growth and political freedom have moved in opposite directions. Will the financial crisis help democracy in Russia?