Middle East and North Africa

COP28: France has a key role to play

COP is taking place this year in the United Arab Emirates, whose subsistence depends heavily on fossil fuels. Despite the controversy surrounding the choice of venue for the summit, the EU and France must not turn their back on negotiations with the Arab state on the gradual phase out of these fuels

Israel, Hamas, and the laws of war

European leaders agree that Israel has the right to defend itself as long as it complies with international law. It is time that they recognise the limits those laws set

Ceasefire and beyond: Advancing a post-conflict plan for Gaza

As the devastation mounts in Gaza, European leaders need to call for a ceasefire and a broader diplomatic track to secure urgent humanitarian objectives, before turning to a realistic post-conflict plan that can address security needs for Israelis and Palestinians

The global consequences of the Israel-Hamas war

The impact of the Israel-Hamas war will reverberate around the world, with consequences for the Middle East, Europe, China, and the United States. While the specific challenges vary, none has an interest in drawing out or widening the conflict