European Strategy

Time for the Sleeping Beauty to wake

Whether Europe will be able to make a difference in foreign policy depends on whether member states can fulfil PESCO’s commitments

The long and winding road to Jamaica

The indications are this new German government will struggle to take advantage of the foreign policy opportunities presented by this election

Attribution is what states make of it

It is high-time for the Europeans to wake up from their hopes and dreams to build norms and rules for state behaviour in cyberspace

What are the dynamics between EU heavyweights in the face of Brexit?

The Franco-German axis, the Big Three and the Weimar Triangle, are all well-known constellations of European heavyweights. ECFR’s EU28 Survey allows for dissecting the complex relations within ‘the Big Six’, evaluating these and other bilateral and trilateral inter-group relationships in the face of the Brexit.

The UN GGE is dead: Time to fall forward

The top down UN GGE process appears dead in the water. International norms and laws for responding to cyber attacks must now be built from the bottom up.