European Strategy

A Great European Society?

The return of identity politics and nationalism has put the postmodern Europe that sought to dilute and mitigate national and regional identities on the ropes

A New Beginning for European Defence

It is time to move past institutional integration and develop practical European security capabilities

From Iran to North Korea, German policymakers are at a loss

Postwar German foreign policy is based on cooperation, rules and trust, not power, interest and threat. But with crises from Iran to North Korea likely to be play out the old-fashioned way, that approach looks naive.

Dancing with the bear: Macron in China

In different ways, Macron and Xi exemplify the rise of individual authority and personal aura over party politics

Navigating the Eastern Flank without Germany?

German relegation of security and defence to non-core issues leaves European observers puzzling where Germany is heading, and how far it can be relied upon