Court in transition: Kenya’s contested presidential election

A dispute over Kenya’s recent presidential election threatens the country’s political stability. Europeans should respect the election result and support a peaceful resolution of the situation in the courts.

Demand swerve: Lavrov in Africa

By making new offers of partnership to African countries, Russia is setting a trap for the West

No cold war, please: How Europeans should engage non-aligned states

The Non-Aligned Movement is one of the largest international forums in the world. As the European Union finds its geopolitical feet, it should work to treat developing countries as individual states with their own interests and objectives.

Russia’s long shadow in the Sahel

The EU’s values-led foreign policy and its stabilisation objectives in the Sahel are in tension with each other. Russia is now waiting to exploit that tension.

Why UN votes shouldn’t define Europe-Africa relations

Many Europeans were disappointed with how African countries voted on UN resolutions to condemn Russia’s war on Ukraine. But they should remember that African states still need to diversify their partnerships.