Ulrike Guérot

Will the difference really make a difference?

In her review of the Munich Security Conference, Ulrike Gu?rot argues that the US reassured Europe of its commitment to a multilateral approach to foreign policy. But how visible, deep and quick will the change in transatlantic relations be?

Obama and the future of transatlantic relations

Obama will be barraged with ?wish lists? from around the world following inauguration. Ulrike Gu?rot argues the case for transatlantic relations.

Die Choreographie stimmte

From a German perspective, the Mediterranean Union seems to have launched surprisingly well. An article in German.

Saving global Europe

Europe’s citizens – and the world – need an EU that can act more effectively abroad. Failure by European leaders to create such a Union would have serious repercussions.

New German security strategy – Going it alone?

CDU’s new draft National Security Strategy is a useful document but one that seems to be ignoring the benefits of being part of the EU

Money Talks

The EU’s success will be measured against its ability to act on the global stage, so its governments will have to allocate more towards a common EU foreign policy