Janka Oertel

The China factor in the German election

Germany will find it increasingly hard to maintain its current level of prosperity – and security – without charting a new course on China. Fortunately, German voters seem ready for change

US-China confrontation and repercussions for the EU

The Biden administration has made clear that it will not shift away from the tougher approach on China. But the latest sanctions row has demonstrated that Europe is not without agency in what has falsely been characterised as a binary confrontation

China, Europe, and covid-19 headwinds

China’s attempts to divide Europeans during the crisis, along with its fierce and openly hostile rhetoric targeting the capacity of Western democracy to effectively respond to the health emergency, have served as a wake-up call

Serbia’s coronavirus diplomacy unmasked

The Serbian president has exploited the EU’s internal divisions to insult the bloc and legitimise his policies, as well as his courtship of authoritarian partners.  

On 5G, Brussels is up to the job

The EU’s new 5G toolbox is an important component in strengthening its technological sovereignty – and its array of defence mechanisms vis-à-vis China.