Francisco de Borja Lasheras

View from Madrid: The many-faced Janus

Spain is inclined towards conditional accommodation with Russia but tends to refrain from open overtures towards Moscow

Spain’s balancing act with Russia

The weakening of common European positions, with some key Spanish allies making overtures to Moscow, could weaken their mitigating force against a mix of isolationist and Realpolitik temptations, influential in Madrid

View from Madrid: A polarised election context

The reactions of Spanish officials and political leaders to the Brexit vote converge around three main messages: the need to maintain political stability, reassurance for Spanish residents in the UK, as well as support for the political integration project

Dispatch from Ukraine: New politics vs Old Guard

A new generation of politicians is challenging the old order in Ukraine – their success is vital for the country’s democratic future

Old Ukraine, New Ukraine

Ukraine has embarked on its own phase of consolidation like that of the nineteenth century nation states as well as a twentieth century-style imperial decolonisation process. 

View from Madrid: Islamic State first

Spain’s focus on tackling Islamic State leaves it more amenable to political solution including Assad