Francisco de Borja Lasheras

Harsh realities in Minsk

The situation in Ukraine has echoes of the end of the Bosnian War, as Kyiv faces the dilemma of whether or not to accept a quasi-independent Donbas in the east

Balkan genocides without genocidal intentions

For the former Yugoslavian states – acquitted of genocide only because of insufficient international justice – the major pending issue is still reconciliation

The battle of Europe’s utopias

The EU’s austerity policies have led to a fragmentation of its power, encouraging the rise of populist parties

Can Steinmeier and Hammond reset Bosnia?

Halting Bosnia’s eight-year downward trend and boosting the country’s momentum towards Europe is the main goal of Steinmeier and Hammond’s proposal

The Finlandisation of Ukraine

Influential voices are pushing for the Finlandisation of Ukraine, but this proposal ignores both the actual experience of Finland with the Soviet Union and the real causes of the present crisis with the Kremlin. 

Europe’s black holes

The European Union is at a crossroads and “Twitter diplomacy” will not be enough to solve its problems