Almut Möller

Time to start talking Turkey with Erdoğan

Angela Merkel needs a set of policy alternatives that she can build on if Erdoğan does, in fact, let her down, or if he continues to raise the price tag, strengthening the voice of her critics at home and in Europe as a whole

Germany’s defence doublespeak

While Germany's role in security is of increasing importance, German politicians must downplay it for a domestic audience

View from Berlin: A security lens

Berlin looks at Europe's problems through the prism of security far more than they are usually given credit for

Angela Merkel’s Plan B?

Will the Chancellor be forced to go against her instincts on Schengen?

The end of Europakonsens?

The EU's inabiliity to face up to its various crises is threatening a long-assumed certainty: Germany's commitment to European integration

German foreign policy after Paris

Following Paris attacks, Germany once again faces a question of identity over its foreign and security policy

View from Berlin: Merkel under pressure

Angela Merkel finds herself under heavy pressure domestically for her stance on migration